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Inspiration #1

So, again, I have had a strong feeling for a while now that I’m not going to be living in my current home state much past my 40th birthday…this June.  I have no idea where I will end up though I have a few places that I have strong leanings toward (London, Chicago, Boston, New York, Seattle…to name a few).

I never, actually, thought about Portland but just last week I discovered a job opening there.  Not just any job but working with one of the “leaders” of the theoretical orientation that I use in my  psychotherapy practice.  Outside of a wonderful training last winter, I have relied mostly on the great many books that guide one on the techniques and process.

It would be a dream to work with this guy.  And it would allow me to again do didactic group therapy, which I found out I love.  This from the girl who skimmed the group work section in grad school methods classes because I hate (I thought) doing groups!

So, now my mind is on Portland as a potential destination.

I love the above clip; though I question if I am a bit masochistic given how their winters seem to be.

So what say you west coasters? Or even those from Portland…pluses and/or minuses about Portland?