Baking the blogs!

So I have also been craving treats since I have given up wheat.  Most recipes for baked goods have been good.  These cookies, however, were great!! Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies!!!

The recipe is courtesy of The Urban Poser, another awesome food (and YOGA) blog for y’all to check out!  You must try these!



Cooking the blogs

In an effort to find good recipes that fit within this more restricted food plan I’m following, I’ve taken to my fellow bloggers for inspiration and frankly, help.  Enter this fabulous soup; the recipe, from a fabulous blog aptly titled, Organizing with a side of Fabulous!  Check it out!!


Three ingredients or less is healthy, right?

I wish that were true about last night’s dessert.  It has only three ingredients: lemon, heavy cream, and sugar.  What a great combo.

I made Lemon Posset, last night and it is heavenly!



I had this with a gluten-free shortbread cookie from the Wedge Co-op.  Yum!  I’ll have to find a good gluten-free shortbread cookie recipe now.  I’m envisioning a lemon tart.

For dinner last night, I made a spinach salad with a great Maple Mustard Dressing from the Wedge, and made lemon pepper tofu to top!  It turned out great!



Aaron came over and hung out last night.  He gobbled his salad up quickly.  I sent him home with about half my freezer.  All those yummy gluten filled treats that had been staring back at me every time I opened the freezer door.  Rather than being tempted, or mocked depending on my mood, I decided to give them away.  It’s good food and he can use it so I feel good about it.  Now I have room to store all those darn gluten-free flours I’ve been accumulating.

Juice crazy!

I was recently perusing the 101 Cookbooks website, an awesome website by Heidi Swanson. It’s got enticing photos and texts and I’ve had great success with all the recipes I’ve tried from there; which I think says something great about it.

This post about juicing, in particular, inspired me.

So, yesterday I set about juicing some of my go-to ingredients to use in my morning juice.

First, photos of the fruits of my labor (har!):






Any idea what is in the last jar? And, nope, it’s not lemon…



With the cucumber and carrot, I poured them into ice cube trays:


Then I popped them out and added them to a tightly sealed container in the freezer.

This morning I tested out the carrot. I juiced a couple of small apples and a small lemon and added three big cubes of carrot juice. Oh, I also added about a half teaspoon of ginger “ice: shavings and added them. It added a great kick! The icy bits melted nicely in my vacuum sealed cup and left the juice super cold for a while.

Even though I still juiced a little this morning, it still saved me time. I think I’ll have to do some more juicing this coming weekend. Hmm, what to juice next?

Paleo Bread!

OMG.  I made my first Paleo bread today!

It’s so freakin’ good!  And it didn’t even turn out exactly as it should.  Thank goodness there are suggestions on Elena’s site that I ca try next time.

Regardless, this is one yummy bread.  Gluten-free, paleo-friendly, and really nutritionally packed!  You gotta try this recipe:


I cheated a bit.  It’s the last day of the elimination-challenge.  But I had a smear of butter on this bread, along with some blueberry preserves!


Inspiration #1

So, again, I have had a strong feeling for a while now that I’m not going to be living in my current home state much past my 40th birthday…this June.  I have no idea where I will end up though I have a few places that I have strong leanings toward (London, Chicago, Boston, New York, Seattle…to name a few).

I never, actually, thought about Portland but just last week I discovered a job opening there.  Not just any job but working with one of the “leaders” of the theoretical orientation that I use in my  psychotherapy practice.  Outside of a wonderful training last winter, I have relied mostly on the great many books that guide one on the techniques and process.

It would be a dream to work with this guy.  And it would allow me to again do didactic group therapy, which I found out I love.  This from the girl who skimmed the group work section in grad school methods classes because I hate (I thought) doing groups!

So, now my mind is on Portland as a potential destination.

I love the above clip; though I question if I am a bit masochistic given how their winters seem to be.

So what say you west coasters? Or even those from Portland…pluses and/or minuses about Portland?