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What’s the secret?

A few years ago, my best friend from high school, feverishly campaigned for me to read, “The Secret”.  She even sent me a copy, which I say with a twinge of regret that I haven’t yet read.  Given that I haven’t read the book don’t take my description as anything definitive; just my best guess.  So it seems to be about putting that which you want and desire to have out into the universe as a means of facilitating this process.  It seems that I have heard similar things being said by some very wise people.  And it never hurts to try.

I have to say that my first “shout out” to the universe will be rather general: I want…nah, I expect to enter a very magical period of my life at some point before I reach my 40th birthday.  So sure, magical could mean a lot of different things.  At this point, I enter this with an open heart, armed with internal whispers that are slowly growing into intuition.

One of my longest held goals has been to be more healthy, both physically and mentally at 40 than I was at 20.  I am well on my way…but truth be told, I’m likely already there (the perfectionist in me resists accepting achievement!).  It’s always fun, though, to see if you can surpass the limits of your own goals and dreams, right?

I can’t really say why I believe that something absolutely amazing is in store for me.  Reading the horoscope forecasts (if you believe in such) for Cancer suggest this.  The dowsing rods I consulted both at the Haunted House (more on that some day) and my own home suggested it as well.  And my likely my deepest source, the one I question the most, is my own gut instincts.

So,it’s with this that I embark on this journey…preparing myself for magic…or at least for 40.  I expect the journey to be filled with lots of laughter, anxieties, inane questions, such as “Does a 40 year old do…?”, and other fun stuff.

Join me. Won’t you?