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The awful wheatie truth

After my last two days, I think it’s safe to safe to say that my relationship with wheat has come to an end.  It’s okay though.  I’m looking at it as an amicable break up.  The way that wheat has treated me in the last two days is something that we can’t come back from.  But we both know the appeal will remain.  So we also accept that if, in the future, we want to say, just have coffee together, that it’ll be okay.  It can just never go back to what it used to be.

All drama aside, wheat day was not the greatest.  Well, I felt fine during the day.  My back pain in slowly easing up so I’m a little more quick on the draw.  I ate lots of whole wheat throughout the day.  By that evening, I was starting to feel tired.  I just assumed that it was because I had a day of back-to-back sessions.  This was the same night that I had the text fight with MJ.  I didn’t realize that it could be because of the wheat that I felt so slow and crabby and dense.  Well that just continued and worsened by Friday night.  I had plans for dinner with friends and as I was getting ready to go I had the worst intestinal cramps.  I was well enough to go to dinner which was as fun as it could be considering my body hurt and I was still crabby.  It also didn’t help that this diet makes it difficult to eat out or buy pre-packaged foods.  Yes, this is in actuality a good thing…just not convenient!

Here’s some pics from dinner:








Cover Me

Last night’s show was fun.  CJ’s date flaked and it ended up being me, him, and his dudes; some new to me and some that I haven’t seen in a while.

So…Kinda Kinky is a Kinks cover band which includes my friend, Keith Patterson, who has been in a gazillion great bands here, including the Conquerors, with my old friend Willie Wisely.


They sound great and I personally love that they have a chick in the band.  Loves me some Lynn Zecca.  I wish I had a better pic of her from last night.


But it does have a certain vintage vibe.

The main band E.L.nO. is a, you guessed it, E.L.O. cover band.  They dress up, as the band did in the 70’s, though all are Jeff Lynne, the bearded front man.


The front man of this outfit is David Campbell, a local DJ on, arguably, the best radio station in the region, The Current.


Pic of me, Keith, and Dav, er, Jeff Lynne.

I have a secret little crush on David, which likely makes me part of a very large community of ladies. That’s cool with me though.  This is the kind of crush I like to keep beautifully nestled in my head.  I think that most of the time the impression that you have of people you think are cool is much, much cooler than the real thing.  Reality can be disappointing.  I learned that after several years working in the music industry and having the occasion to meet several famous musicians; most, though not all, were on some level a little disappointing.  Such is life.

CJ knows the guitar player, who’s name is escaping me at the moment.  I love his get up though:


I love how passionate CJ gets about music and singing.  I’m pretty sure this is during “Xanadu”!  Ha!


Fun night all around.  I drank too much which I blame on others buying them for me.  *wink*  Left me a little sluggish and slow today but I managed to get to my private lesson this morning on time.