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Ugh! Boys!!

Let’s save Wheat Day update for tomorrow.  Tonight, I vent.

Earlier tonight I had a text argument with MJ.

Background: I met MJ on OK Cupid about four years ago.  I had just ended an almost six year relationship and was, honestly, just looking for some fun.  OK Cupid seems to be a place for that, which is why I run like hell from it now.  Har.  But I digress.

MJ ended up being the perfect person with whom to have meaningless sex. He was good looking and I was definitely sexually attracted to him.  And he was especially sure of himself, in the bedroom, which I love even more.  What made him perfect for meaningless sex was not that he was attractive and, mostly, good in bed…it was that he’s arrogant (he actually asked me if I thought he fit the clinical definition of narcissistic…at least he know too!).  And he seems to lack empathy.  If you ask me, he’s anti-social, not narcissistic, but he’s not on my couch.  Makes him perfect for this because there no chance of developing feelings for someone like that.  The “relationship” can then stay intact.  Right? *wink*

After messing around for a few months, and getting a little tired of MJ’s selfishness in bed and shitty attitude, we stopped hanging out.  It was about 6 months later that MJ popped up out of the blue asking to get together again.  I hesitated and was up front with him about my waning interest due to the aforementioned reasons.  Ah ha, I gave him the golden key.  Now he knew that the way to get me was to be nice.  And it worked…for a short time.  It was during this short time that he found another golden key.  I had a ouple of firsts with him, all in one night.  He has sine christened himself the King and I think only solidified his interest in me.  I think it’s why he keeps popping up even here and there.  But…he inevitably messes it up again but reverting to dick mode; he can only sustain nice for so long, me thinks.

He’s since gotten into a relationship.  And still calls me.  I have told him that I’m not interested in helping him cheat and he gives me various, f’ed up reason why it’s okay; one reason he gave is that he can’t be his normal (read: dirty) sexual self with his girlfriend.  That’s apparently what I am supposed to be for.  I think not.  His latest “fantasy” is banging me in my office, after plying me with drinks at happy hour first.  Funny, I don’t even drink much but apparently he thinks I do.

So, without further ado, check out tonight’s frivolity:

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photo 3(2)

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photo 5(2)

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Am I wrong here, people?