Food Inc.

Whew.  Long time with no posts.

But I’m back.  Just wanted to share this trailer for Food, Inc.:

It’s a documentary from about three years ago but I just watched it a few nights ago.  I’m actually glad that I made some rather dramatic changes to my diet, it made watching the film a bit more palatable.  I feel equally proud of my ability to be educated and aware of what I eat and foolish as I think avoiding all the pervasive ingredients totally would be tough because of how well hidden they are.  Pervasive ingredients meaning: wheat, corn, and soy.   When I first embarked on the elimination-challenge diet, I complained about how much I had to cook vs. using convenience foods.  Boy has that tune changed.

I was still left feeling a little sick after watching the film.  I learned a lot though.  Like did you know that e-coli has been a bacteria present for years but it was only when we introduced corn to cows that deadly, resistant forms of e-coli developed via mutation?  And apparently, the simple act of eliminating corn from a cow’s diet almost completely eradicates the e-coli (reduced b 80% in five days!!!!)?

The other thing that struck me is that my view of farmers shifted quite a bit.  I really, really feel for the ones who are inextricably tied to big food corporations.  Being essentially forced into purchasing upwards of $500,000.00 in equipment and getting $18,000.00/year!?!?  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

This is a “must watch” if you haven’t already!


3 thoughts on “Food Inc.

  1. Melinda Massie

    This is such a great, eye-opening movie. It was one of the first things I saw that set me researching real food and farming/food practices. Two other great movies to check out are King Corn (this one totally set me over the edge and helped set me off fast food) and Food Matters. (Not to be confused with the Mark Bittman book “Food Matters” which is also really good.) Food Matters the movie is about the devil’s pact between Big Food, Big Pharma and the government and the correlation of nutrition to the bodies ability to heal itself. Unbelievable and fascinating.

    1. Lady Yoga Post author

      Wow! Thank you. I’ve been literally eating this stuff up…pun intended. 🙂

      I feel a consciousness-raising movie marathon on the docket for this weekend!!!

      Thanks again!

      1. Melinda Massie

        You’re welcome! Sounds like a great weekend! I’ve got a documentary called “Ingredients: Who’s Your Farmer” saved in my DVR waiting to be watched. Maybe I’ll try to squeeze that in this weekend!

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