Prelude to Cheese

Tomorrow is cheese day.  I handled dairy day fairly well.  I would be very disappointed if it turned out that I had a sensitivity to cheese.  I love cheese.  It’s part of why I’m so excited for tomorrow.  Before I started the Elimination-Challenge diet, I was developing quite a close and personal relationship with a cheese called Boschetto Al Tartufo.  Here’s the description:

A mild sweet mix of cow’s and sheep’s milk. Mixed throughout are rare white truffles giving this cheese a rustic, mushroomy, and earthy undertone.

Gotta go and get some of that tomorrow!

As for tonight, I made a faux Spanish Tortilla.  A Tortilla is a Spanish dish that is like an omelet but with thin slices of potato.  This particular recipe calls for kettle chips.  Given that potatoes are nixed on the “diet” I left them out.  It didn’t have the body that it usually does but was still very good.  Obviously, it is now just a shrimp omelet.


Had arugula and avocado on the side.


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