The challenge begins

chem joy II

For the previous ten days, I have been engaging in the Elimination-Challenge diet from The Chemistry of Joy Workbook.  I initially did it because I thought it might be a good challenge, and at the very least help me break my growing addiction to sugar.  When I really sat down and read through it, I discovered that I should have done this because of the impact that food may be having on me; specifically, food may be a big contributor to my ADD, my Eczema, and other “symptoms”.

The first ten days, you are to eliminate all dairy, wheat, nightshades (peppers, white potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants), and corn.  The first few days were actually pretty good.  Not a lot of withdrawal symptoms…but by days nine and ten I was rageful at the seeming lack of food I could make for dinner.  I suspect I was just up to my neck in eliminating some many things (wheat and corn are in EVERYTHING).

Today is the first day of the challenge aspect of the diet.  Every three days I will be challenging by reintroducing each of the foods and then having two wait-and-see days to watch out for symptoms.

Initially, I didn’t expect anything dramatic.  I was convinced that I didn’t have sensitivities to anything.  Now I wonder.

Today is Milk Day.  I have to eat 5-6 servings of milk, sour cream, and butter.  So far I’ve had granola with milk and coffee with cream (I have had coffee in about a week).  About two hours later I had a very unpleasant experience and thus began my fears that I am, at the very least, lactose-sensitive.  EEeeekk!  Even though they encourage you not to assume your “symptoms” are due to other things and writing them off, I wonder if the coffee wasn’t a bit culprit.  I was hella shaky as I prepared lunch.

Here’s what I had:


Scrambled eggs (with butter); steel cut oats (toasted in butter before cooking); a little smidge of butter to the oats after cooking; and a slice of crispy bacon.


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